September 22, 2014

Down Memory Lane to Gythion, Greece

At a Fair on Fairfield's Town Green last Saturday I stopped at the Lakonia Greek Products booth & noticed two  photos on the table, and said "Oh this is Gythion. I went there in 1953." The woman waving in the photo said, "Oh!  No one has ever said that." I said, "I bet it hasn't changed much. She agreed, saying she goes every year during harvest time, and that it has never become  a tourist place I bought a bottle of balsamic & olive oil..DEEE licioso!

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Fairfield Town Green 9/20/2014

Fabulous Balsamiko 

In 1953 I went to Greece with a college friend Pat Tobin who was of Greek heritage.  Pat was planning to go to Gythion, Greece to see relatives of her parents .

Pat Tobin and I in July of 1953.  After a week in Athens and various wonderful ruins, then it was on to Sparta and Gythion.

  We traveled on the SS Independence from NY to Genoa, then to Greece on a small Italian boat through the Straits of Messina, passed Stomboli across to the Corinth Canal and to Pireas, the port of Athens.

Corinth Canal 

How Gythion looked in 1953 when I saw it. Pat's relatives came down the hills on donkeys, and we all had dinner in an outdoor cafe. 

Greek olive harvest time - October 

Kalamata olives 

A picture truly is worth a thousand words

How they did it in ancient days 

How they do it today 

And this is how it looks today, not very different from 1953. See photo above.  It is strictly a small Greek fishing village. When I was there one of Pat's relatives pointed to a small island and said, "That is where Paris took Helen of Troy." I was absolutely charmed by that.