November 15, 2014

Here Come the Leaves

The wind was blowing like mad and suddenly I heard a loud crack, then a deep thud.  My neighbors heard  it also. This was from my up stairs window. Whew it didn't hit the outhouse. It did land on the pergola, but didn't break it.

The leaves hadn't really begun to turn, but it did save a bunch of leaves that won't have to be raked and bagged. 

I forget the name of the bush that had turned a bright red. 

Good ole Lou came to the rescue the very next day and cleaned up. 

I should have kept all the wood for my neighbor, but he did chop of some. 

The lightest branches fell on the pergola. 

Within a week the leaves started their show. 

I blew a pile of leaves and my friend Jen drove over from Beacon about an hour and half away and raked up 10 bags full. Yah for Jen. I met her new pup Busy. 

My new friend Busy

Jen dragging the bags to the curb where the town will pick them up.