October 17, 2014

Down at the Fairfield Marina in October

A couple of men catching flounders. I asked them what language they were speaking and they said Arabic. 

 I always feel sorry for the fish when they have to cut out the hook, but he was very gentle.

 The flounder's belly was the most beautiful bright white, almost blue it was so white.

Not only were there a good number fishermen and women fishing, even though it was the middle of the week those boaters at home also didn't waste the day  being landlubbers.

The next day the sky was filled with wonderful clouds and the water didn't have that bright blue reflection, but as you can see it is gorgeous. There is nothing more relaxing then staring out at the water.

I then walked down on to the sand. And was amazed at all those shells where little critters once lived out in the Sound. Made me a little sad.